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Hardy Garden Club

Spring Horticulture Show

Church Of The Redeemer

5603 N Charles St.

Baltimore, MD 21210


Leslie Aronson, Chair 410-718-6545


Tuesday May 9, 2023


Passing of Entries:  8:00 - 9:30 a.m.

Placement of Passed Entries:  8:00 - 9:45 a.m.

Judging:  10:00 a.m.

Show:  12:00 p.m. 


Please Note: All entries should be ready for passing no later than 9:15 a.m.  


The HALLIE CARRINGTON BRENT AWARD, presented to the member with the newest or most unusual horticulture specimen in a designated show during the year, MAY BE PRESENTED AT THIS SHOW IF NOT AWARDED AT THE FALL SHOW. 


Horticulture Schedule


All specimens should be displayed in green or clear glass containers.


Section I – Peonies 

            A.  Single stem, herbaceous peony (disbudded) 

           B.  Single stem, tree peony 

            C.  Single stem, intersectional hybrid – ITOH 

            D.  Collection of 3, any type or types (See Hort. Rule 10) * 


Should be exhibited with 2 sets of leaves.







Section II – Irises

            A. Single specimen 

                        1.  Tall bearded 

                        2.  Miniature tall bearded 

                        3.  Species 

                        4.  Siberian 

                        5.  Other 

            B. Collection of 3 different varieties, any type or types (See Hort. Rule 10) 



Section III – Spring Flowering Bulbs, Tubers, Corms or Rhizomes (other than Irises)

            A.  Single specimen 

            B.  Collection of 3 different varieties (See Hort. Rule 10) 



Section IV – Roses  

            A.  Single specimen 

            B.  Collection of 3 different cultivars 

                        (See Hort. Rule 10) 


Section V – Blooming Perennials and Biennials 

            A. Single specimen 

                        1.  Under 6 inches

                        2.  6 inches and over 

            B. Collection of 3 different cultivars (See Hort.Rule 10)

                        1.  Under 6 inches

                        2.  6 inches and over 


Section VI – Vines – Blooming 


Section VII – Shrubs and Trees (not less than 12” or more than 30” from cut to tip) 

            A. Blooming branch 

                        1.  Cornus  

                        2.  Viburnum sp. 

                        3.  Azaleas

                        4.  Rhododendron*

                        5.  Other

                           *Rhododendrons may be less than 12” and should be exhibited  showing single truss with foliage skirt.

            B.  Branch in bud 

            C. Colorful spring foliage 




Section VIII – Hosta Foliage (See Hort. Rule 10)*

            A.  Collection of 3 different cultivars to be staged in one container

                        1. Mini - leaf size 2 x 2 inches or less

                        2. Small - leaf size less than 4 inches

                        3. Medium - leaf size 4 to 10 inches

                        4. Large - leaf size over 10 inches 

            B.  Collection of 3 of the same cultivar to be staged in one container            


Section IX – Perennial Ferns (See Hort. Rule 10)*

            A.  Collection of 3 fronds of the same variety staged in a single container

          B.  Collection of 3 different varieties 



Section X - Cut Specimens (not to exceed 20 inches)

            A.  Collection of a minimum of 3 different and no more than 6 cut specimens from the exhibitor’s garden.  The specimens will be arranged in a single quart size clear glass container (mason jar).  (See Hort. Rule 10)*

                        1.  Flowering; each stem must have at least one open bloom

                        2.  Foliage

                        3.  Combination of any type specimen from the exhibitor’s garden.


Section XI – Indoor Dish Gardens (no succulents). Container not to exceed 15” in any direction of inside measure.   Must include at least 3 different plants.  A saucer under the container is desirable.


Section XII - A collection of three succulents (may include cactus) plants, potted individually.  Pots may be of any type but inside measurement at rim may not exceed 6 inches in any direction.  Plants must be individually labeled and entry card must list specimens.  All entries must have been in the possession of the exhibitor for at least 6 months.


Section XIII – Par Class
An exhibit of outstanding horticultural merit, not eligible for inclusion elsewhere in the horticulture schedule (see Hort. Rule 8). 


* Horticulture Rule 10


Collections:  Unless otherwise noted, specimens in a collection should be placed in separate containers with a small, individual name label near each one.  The collection and the labels should be placed together with a regular entry card that lists the names of all specimens.  Collections less than 6” may be placed in a single container, but still require both identifying label and entry card.

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