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16815 Falls Rd

Upperco, MD 21155

Leslie Aronson, Chair 410-718-6545


Tuesday May 17, 2022


Passing of Entries:  8:00 - 9:30 a.m.

Placement of Passed Entries:  8:00 - 9:45 a.m.

Judging:  10:00 a.m.

Show:  12:00 p.m. 


Please Note: All entries should be ready for passing no later than 9:15 a.m.  


The HALLIE CARRINGTON BRENT AWARD, presented to the member with the newest or most unusual horticulture specimen in a designated show during the year, MAY BE PRESENTED AT THIS SHOW IF NOT AWARDED AT THE FALL SHOW. 

Horticulture Schedule



Section I – Peonies* 

            A.  Single stem, herbaceous peony (disbudded) 
        B.  Single stem, tree peony 

            C.  Single stem, intersectional hybrid – ITOH 

            D.  Collection of 3, any type or types (See Hort. Rule 10) *. Should be exhibited with 2 sets of               leaves.



Section II – Irises

            A. Single specimen 

                        1.  Tall bearded 

                        2.  Miniature tall bearded 

                        3.  Species 

                        4.  Siberian 

                        5.  Other 

            B. Collection of 3 different varieties, any type or types (See Hort. Rule 10) 



Section III – Spring Flowering Bulbs, Tubers, Corms or Rhizomes (other than Irises)

            A.  Single specimen 

            B.  Collection of 3 different varieties (See Hort. Rule 10) 

Section IV – Roses  

            A.  Single specimen 

            B.  Collection of 3 different cultivars 

                        (See Hort. Rule 10) 



Section V – Blooming Perennials and Biennials 

            A. Single specimen 

                        1.  Under 6 inches

                        2.  6 inches and over 

            B. Collection of 3 different cultivars (See Hort. Rule 10) 

                        1.  Under 6 inches

                        2.  6 inches and over 



Section VI – Vines – Blooming 


Section VII – Shrubs and Trees (not less than 12” or more than 30” from cut to tip) 

            A. Blooming branch 

                        1.  Cornus 

                        2.  Viburnum sp. 

                        3.  Azaleas 

                        4.  Rhododendron* 

                        5.  Other 

*Rhododendrons may be less than 12” and        

should be exhibited showing single truss with foliage skirt.

            B.  Branch in bud 

            C. Colorful spring foliage 

Section VIII – Hosta Foliage

            A.  Collection of 3 different cultivars to be staged in one container

                        1. Mini - leaf size 2 x 2 inches or less

                        2. Small - leaf size less than 4 inches

                        3.  Medium - leaf size 4 to 10 inches

                        4.  Large - leaf size over 10 inches 

            B.  Collection of 3 of the same cultivar to be staged in one container            

Section IX – Perennial Ferns

            A.  Collection of 3 fronds of the same variety staged in a single container

          B.  Collection of 3 different varieties 

                 (See Hort. Rule 10) 

Section X – Indoor Dish Gardens (no succulents). Container not to exceed 15” in any direction of inside measure.   Must include at least 3 different plants.  A saucer under the container is desirable.


Section XI - A collection of three succulents (may include cactus) plants, potted individually.  Pots may be of any type but inside measurement at rim may not exceed 6 inches in any direction.  Plants must be individually labeled, and entry card must list specimens.  All entries must have been in the possession of the exhibitor for at least 6 months.


Section XII – Par Class
An exhibit of outstanding horticultural merit, not eligible for inclusion elsewhere in the horticulture schedule (see Hort. Rule 8).