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Hardy Garden Club - Horticulture Show Rules


1.  Please read the General Rules.


2.  All specimens must have been in exhibitor’s possession at least 3 months unless otherwise noted.


3.  Common and botanical names are recommended.


4.  Some staging containers and wedging material may be supplied by the committee.


5.  The length of a cut specimen is measured from the tip to the cut.


6.  All specimens must be in water unless otherwise noted.


7.  Classes may be subdivided by the committee or the judges.


8.  Par classes:  An exhibit of outstanding horticultural merit that does not qualify for entry in the               horticulture schedule.  To be judged against perfection.  No orchids.  No hanging plants.  An entry       that qualifies for a class in the schedule in every way except size does not qualify.


9.  Certain classes may have instructions attached, such as: a tulip should be shown with 2 leaves,         or rhododendrons - only one truss is shown, not a branch.

10.  Collections: Unless otherwise noted, specimens in a collection should be placed in separate containers with a small, individual name label near each one.  The collection and the labels should be placed together with a regular entry card that lists the names of all the specimens.  Collections less than 6” may be placed in a single container, but still require both identifying labels and entry card. 


11.  Multiple entries are allowed but must be of different species or cultivars.


12.  Only one First, Second, or Third may be awarded in regular classes or their subdivisions.  More than one Honorable Mention may be awarded if warranted.


13.  Plants considered endangered in the State of Maryland may be exhibited (see General Rule 2) but must not have been recently collected from the wild.   

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