Hardy Garden Club

Conservation Committee

GCA Current Position Papers


Clean Air: The GCA supports the Clean Air Act and urges a reduction in greenhouse gases through an integrated strategy of regulated emission caps, improved energy efficiency, and greater use of renewable energy sources.


Clean Water: The GCA supports policies to protect the quality and quantity of our nation’s water resources.  This includes preserving ecosystems and reducing water pollution through a vital and broad-based Clean Water Act as well as protecting coastal waters and the world’s oceans through national and global issues. 


Climate Change: With an emphasis on encouraging action to preserve biodiversity, the GCA is committed to educating members and communities about the causes of climate change and constructive responses.  The GCA supports federal, state, and local legislation as well as individual initiatives and regulations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


National Parks: Recognizing the national parks as irreplaceable treasures as well as critical habitats for protecting native plant communities and whole ecosystems, the GCA supports making conservation a top priority, along with ensuring adequate resource levels to maintain the parks.


Preservation of Native Plants:  Viewing the Endangered Species Act as one of America’s landmark pieces of conservation legislation, the GCA supports the measures to protect the nation’s rare, threatened, and endangered species and their habitat and to create workable science-based recovery programs.


Sustainable Agriculture, Seed Diversity, and Food Security: The GCA encourages agricultural policies that support conservation of healthy soil on farms, including a strong and well-funded conservation title in the Farm Bill.


Environmentally Responsible Transportation Legislation: The GCA favors legislation that encourages biodiversity in roadside plantings, fosters the creation and maintenance of scenic byways, emphasizes protection of the natural landscape, addresses the hazards of electronic billboards, and preserves the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) review process.