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Hardy Garden Club - Photography Show Rules


 1.  Please read the General Rules.


 2. Each photography must be the work of the exhibitor.  Any manipulation in the darkroom or by                 computer, including cropping of the image, enhancement for clarity or color, removal of part of the         image, or distortion or combining of images must be the work of the exhibitor.


3. Photographs must be 8”x10”, dry matted on foam core with no borders.  Surface finish of the photo         is the choice of the exhibitor.  Printing and mounting may be professionally done.  Top of the image       must be indicated on the back, as well as name of the exhibitor and class.  Submit with a Hardy             entry form.


4. The recommended scale of points by which the classes are to be judged: 


         Creativity 25

         Composition 25

         Technical Skill 20

         Conformance/Interpretation 20

         Distinction 10

         Total 100



Photography Suggestions


  • Read the descriptions of each class carefully.  The judges will refer to them.  


  • Please make sure each entry has a CLEAR focal point, one that draws the eye to the subject.  


  • Read FOCUS (the photography quarterly publication) on the GCA website.  Valuable information is there.


  • Carefully study the images of successful photographers to learn their secrets and train your eye.  


  • Try to create images for all the show classes, practice, and enter your best shots.

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