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Hardy Garden Club -  Floral Design Rules


1.  Please read the General Rules.


2.  All flowers for artistic class must be grown by the exhibitor or may be obtained from other               Club members unless otherwise specified in schedule.


3.  If forced to withdraw, en exhibitor must find a substitute unless there is a waiting list for the             class. The Flower Show Chairman must be notified of any change.


4.  All arrangements should include fresh and/or dried plant material.  Artificial plant material is           not allowed.


5.  Mechanics should not be visible unless they are an integral part of the design.


6.  Locally invasive plants, diseased plant material, artificial plant material, live animals (including       fish), taxidermy, natural birds’ nests, feathers of any kind and protected sea life including               coral, are prohibited. 



7.  Judging will be based on the principals of design: balance, contrast, dominance, proportion           and scale; and the  elements of design: light, space, form, color, texture,  pattern and size.             Creativity is important, as is distinction and conformance to class schedule.

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