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       Hardy Garden Club Photography Show


Hardy Garden Club Photography Show


Cylburn Arboretum Classroom

4915 Greenspring Avenue

Baltimore, MD 21209

Bliss McCord, Chair   410-409-5243


Tuesday, April 11, 2023




Give It Your Best Shot



1. We Need Each Other

Create an image of a mammal/bird and a plant demonstrating their mutual dependence. For example, an oak and a squirrel with an acorn, a bird on a holly with berries. 

Limited to 5 entries                                                                                                                                                    


2. Zoom In

Create a color closeup of an insect or a flower. The image should fill most of the photo and does not have to include the entire subject. Must include plant life.                                

Limited to 5 entries


3. A Good Day to Read

Create an atmospheric black and white photo featuring fog or rain. Plant life may be omitted in this class.                                                                                             

Limited to 5 entries


4. The Fungus Among Us

This color photo should feature mushrooms, lichen, toadstools, or other fungus, taken from ground level.                                                                                                                    

Limited to 5 entries


5. Nature Reflected

Take a well-focused color image of plants reflected in water. Pay close attention to composition.                                                                                                            

Limited to 5 entries

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